Star-Gazing Tour at Historic Pioneer Saloon with Dinner

Star-Gazing Tour at Historic Pioneer Saloon with Dinner
2020년 1월 11일 zoytripadmin

Escape the bright lights of the Las Vegas Strip and see the night sky from the tiny desert town of Goodsprings. At the legendary Pioneer Saloon on the outskirts of the city, dive into the history of astronomy while using telescopes and binoculars to gaze up at the planets and stars.

From your hotel in Vegas, embark on a drive through the desert to the unincorporated community of Goodsprings, an area with a population of just over 200 people. With your history-loving guide behind the wheel, journey back more than 100 years to a time when the city was bigger than Las Vegas, boasting 7 bars, 6 grocery stores, 4 brothels, and even its own newspaper.

Upon arrival in the dark and dusty town, step foot inside the famous 1913 Pioneer Saloon. Sit at the same stool where Hollywood legend Clark Gable waited for 3 days to hear news of wife Carole Lombard’s plane crash, read the tragic story from the original newspaper, and even see a piece of the actual wreckage. Just next door at the Ghost Town Café, dig into a hearty meal of pub fare like a juicy burger or crispy chicken sandwich before setting out on your star-gazing adventure.

With the help of a knowledgeable astronomy-lover, uncover the history of the science and get up to date on today’s latest discoveries and current events. Learn how to properly use several of the 18 telescopes and binoculars on hand to marvel at the vast night sky and perhaps build your own telescope to take home!

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