Combat Flight

Combat Flight
2020년 1월 2일 zoytripadmin

Visualize yourself in a combat fight—engaging in air-to-air combat tactics and outmaneuvering your opponents as your hands control every spin and dodge. With no experience necessary, you and a friend take the pilot seats and go head-to-head to battle in a realistic aerial dogfight.

Beyond the beautiful mountains south of Las Vegas, you arrive at the hangar for an up-close view of lofty aerobatic planes. After certified instructors brief you on the logistics and safety of your flight, you practice multiple warm-up exercises and experience the surreal feeling of sitting in the pilot’s seat for the first time.

Under the supervision of an expert combat fighter pilot, you and a friend embark on the ultimate competitive challenge and master the art of basic fighter maneuvers against each other. Feel the power of 330-horsepower engines as they deliver the thrill of authentic aerial combat. Savor the satisfaction of hitting a target with the optical targeting system and watching smoke appear from your enemy’s aircraft.

As the mission wraps up, experience the heart-stopping plunge of your first “hammerhead” and the adrenaline rush of your first dynamic low-level mountain flight. This bucket-list experience is recorded in pictures and on video, enabling you to relive your sky combat moments again and again.

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