Twilight Kayak Tour of Black Canyon During a Full Moon

Twilight Kayak Tour of Black Canyon During a Full Moon
2020년 1월 2일 zoytripadmin

Discover the peaceful solitude and grandeur of the Colorado River on this special twilight kayak expedition. Paddle out on the evening of a full moon to explore the incredible Black Canyon against the backdrop of sunset and the starry night sky.

Enjoy hassle-free shuttle service from your hotel to your launch point, the serene Willow Beach. With the evening sun sinking lower into the sky, steer your kayak upriver and into the twisting channels of Black Canyon. You have plenty of light to take in the views of majestic cliffs, hardy desert foliage, and perhaps even bighorn sheep perched on the craggy rocks.

At sunset, navigate to shore to watch the sky streak with pink and orange. A crackling fire keeps you cozy, and you can grab a toasting stick for a delicious, crispy snack of roasted marshmallows. Afterward, head back downstream under the rising moon. The stars begin to sparkle, and quiet descends upon the river, a blissfully serene setting for your return journey.

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