T-Mobile Arena

T-Mobile Arena
2021년 June 10일 zoytripadmin

When we hear of Las Vegas, two images fit that description. One is The Strip’s glitz and glamour. The other is a beautiful surrounding landscape, which is illuminated to the west by the Spring Mountains. T-Mobile Arena’s architecture needed to appeal to both locals and visitors in a manner that seemed genuine, and it did so effectively. The arrangement exemplifies Las Vegas’ real meaning.

The T-Mobile Arena features a sweeping 9,000 sqft LED projector and an impressive glass external cladding. This is by far one of the biggest screens in Vegas and a treat to watch.  The Park, a twisting landscaped space that weaves the arena together with its neighbors, often radiates energy outward with an outdoor entertainment stage and sweeping balconies.

Besides that, the arena’s south and west exteriors are influenced by desert and mountain landscapes, with a strong skin that defends against the harsh desert heat. This desert-like skin covers the arena in rolling metal bands that effectively represent the western aspect of Las Vegas by evoking the color and sedimentary layering of the desert mountains.

The venue’s interior architecture is also influenced by metamorphic texture, with lower-level premium spaces and concourse inspired by mountain strata and upper-level premium spaces reflecting the oranges, blues, and purples of Las Vegas’ dusk sky. Two dramatic sponsor towers offer bird’s-eye views and highlight the city’s “see and be seen” character.

T-Mobile Arena has been the official host of both the UFC and the NHL’s Vegas Golden Knights since its inception. Soon, it is speculated that the arena will become the source of generating a huge amount of profits for its owners.

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