Grand Canyon West Rim Bus Tour

Grand Canyon West Rim Bus Tour
2020년 January 15일 zoytripadmin

Experience the majesty of the American Southwest on a guided tour to the Grand Canyon’s West Rim. With a drive through desert landscapes flecked with Joshua trees and stops at impressive sights like Hoover Dam, Eagle Point, and Guano Point, this day trip is sure to awaken your inner nature lover.

From your hotel, board a luxury air-conditioned coach and begin your ride. Make a quick breakfast stop to charge up for a day full of activities, and then reach Hoover Dam, where you can try and cram all 725 feet (220 m) of the dam’s face into your camera’s frame. Listen to commentary about the engineering efforts it took to create this colossal structure and then continue on to the Grand Canyon.

Weave down roads flanked by the clumpy branches of old Joshua trees as you approach the Grand Canyon’s West Rim. When you arrive, take in the hues of deep orange, indigo, and muted yellow etched into the immense, 6-million-year-old rock formations. For a bonus viewing treat, hike to the top of Guano Point—the highest peak at the rim—and admire the Colorado River as it winds along the canyon floor.

Stroll around on nearby hiking trails, chat with your guide about the area’s geologic past, consider opting for a dizzying visit to the glass-floored Skywalk viewing point, and then hop back on your coach for the scenic return ride to your Las Vegas hotel.

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