Tournament of Kings Dinner & Show

Tournament of Kings Dinner & Show
2020년 January 11일 zoytripadmin

Step back in time to the Middle Ages and experience a live reenactment of a medieval tournament of kings. Dive into a feast fit for a king and take in a mesmerizing show that features lively singing and dancing maidens, competing knights, horseback jousting, and a sparkling fireworks display.

Arrive at the banquet room, styled like a medieval arena with each section representing a different realm. Settle into your seat and cheer on the king of your particular realm throughout the knight’s various competitions.

Dinner kicks off with a traditional appetizer of dragon’s blood—not to worry; it’s really a bowl of savory tomato soup. Just like in the Middle Ages, no utensils are set out on the table, and you’re encouraged to tuck into the hearty fare with your hands. Then, watch as the knights and their horses circle the stage, dressed in traditional attire bearing the rich colors and designs of each realm.

The competitions begin with a rousing sword fight. As various gladiator-style battles wage before you, enjoy an entrée of roasted Cornish hen, steamed vegetables, and a flaky biscuit. Dig in, and don’t be shy as you energetically cheer for your favorite knight. After a horse race, a visit from the infamous Mordred wizard, and a variety of customary songs and dances, the winning knight is crowned king in a cheerful celebration complete with triumphant fireworks.

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