Mild-Hike Wedding Ceremony

Mild-Hike Wedding Ceremony
2020년 January 11일 zoytripadmin

Plan a one-of-a-kind wedding day you’ll remember for a lifetime by venturing into Valley of Fire State Park with your loved one and exchanging vows amid spectacular natural sights. Towering rock formations and sweeping desert landscapes form the backdrop for a day that’s truly unique.

After convenient pickup from your hotel, you, your companion, and up to 2 additional guests are whisked away to Valley of Fire State Park, where rainbow-colored layers of sandstone and rugged desert terrain greet you from every angle. A professional photographer is along for the trip, capturing every memorable moment.

Hike through the park’s eye-popping landscapes, soaking up sights of sweeping desert vistas and jagged peaks. Make your way to a seasonal waterfall and admire its sparkling waters contrasting with the rich colors of the sandstone.

Finally, arrive at magnificent stone arch and prepare for your peaceful wedding ceremony. Your guide acts as officiant, and helps create the perfect natural ambiance in which to say your “I do’s.” Take in the moment and reflect on your experience before making the returning journey, ending with a hassle-free ride back to your hotel.

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