Michael Jackson ONE™ by Cirque du Soleil®

Michael Jackson ONE™ by Cirque du Soleil®
2020년 January 11일 zoytripadmin

Sit back and be dazzled by the incredible acrobatics, costumes, and gravity-defying feats of the Cirque du Soleil® artists—all performed to the stirring tunes and beloved beats of the King of Pop in Michael Jackson ONE™. Hailed by Rolling Stone as “A virtual parade of ‘wow’ moments,” Michael Jackson ONE is an electrifying fusion of acrobatics, dance and visuals that reflect the dynamic showmanship of the King of Pop, immersing the audience in the world of Michael Jackson’s music.

This state-of-the-art performance weaves together incredible choreography, cutting-edge technology, and creative sets to give new life to classic pop hits, using them as the amped-up soundtrack to a mysterious plot. From the edge of your seat, watch as 4 misfits fight the evil Mephisto—an ominous and shadowy villain who looms over the action on stage.

Sing along to your favorite MJ songs while the world-famous performers of Cirque du Soleil® take you through the concert of a lifetime. As “Billie Jean” pumps out of the speakers built into your seat, dancers take to the stage in mesmerizing, illuminated ensembles. When the catchy rhythms of “Beat It” fill the theater, contortionists twirl high above you in a bungee swing. And when “Thriller” plays, zombies roam the aisles during a synchronized trampoline dance. The extravaganza draws to a close with show-stopping numbers and wild visual effects.

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