Luxury Limousine Wedding

Luxury Limousine Wedding
2020년 January 11일 zoytripadmin

Tie the knot in luxurious style aboard a limousine in beautiful Las Vegas. With the freedom to go where you want, and all the neon and panorama of Las Vegas’ striking skyline at your fingertips, the celebration of your union is as bright and exciting as all your future years of wedded bliss.

Get picked up from your hotel in Las Vegas in a stylish limousine that brings the ceremony and the after party together in one slick ride. Enjoy the services of a professional photographer, there to capture every moment as you travel around the city. Cruise down the Strip, pause at your favorite Vegas icons, or even snap some keepers and exchange vows in front of the “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign. Your special day is yours to create in this fun, unforgettable wedding package.

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