Laugh Til’ It Hurts: Carrot Top Live Show

Laugh Til’ It Hurts: Carrot Top Live Show
2020년 January 11일 zoytripadmin

With his signature topper of curly red hair, it’s easy to see how this wacky and hilarious entertainer—voted best male standup comedian in Vegas—got his stage name. During this raucous evening of absurd prop humor and laughs, watch Carrot Top unpack his trunks of crazy objects and inventions.

Grab a seat at the Luxor on the Strip for an evening of outrageous, side-splitting fun. Carrot Top unpacks 35 trunks of everyday items, strange props, and weird inventions, narrating his finds with a rapid-fire stream of hilarious jokes and one-liners.

No one is safe from Carrot Top’s barbs as he lampoons politicians, celebrities, and famous cultural icons, and morphs into performers like Steven Tyler and Bono. This award-winning show is sure to have you in stitches, laughing along with the antics of the red-headed fireball on stage.

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