Hawaiian Marketplace

Hawaiian Marketplace
2020년 January 11일 zoytripadmin

If you thought you couldn’t find the spirit of Aloha in the middle of the desert, think again: The 80,000-square-foot Hawaiian Marketplace brings a taste of island-style shopping to Vegas.

Modeled after the International Marketplace in Honolulu, the outdoor shopping center features tropical plants, bright colors and larger-than-life Hawaiian statues.

If you’re looking for somewhere to either a) grab last-minute souvenirs b) find an outfit for the club tonight c) get a foot massage, teeth whitening treatment or tattoo or d) all of the above, then this is your one-stop shop.

Speaking of music, tribute bands perform throughout the day in the center of the shopping area. When the tribute bands aren’t singing, the upbeat music blasting through the speakers is sure to give you a jolt, no matter what time it is. Vegas may be a long way from Hawaii, but the Hawaiian Marketplace brings the island to the desert.

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