Foodie Tour of Exclusive Restaurants & Night Helicopter Flight

Foodie Tour of Exclusive Restaurants & Night Helicopter Flight
2020년 January 11일 zoytripadmin

Live the glamorous life as you dine in exclusive Las Vegas restaurants and take a luxurious helicopter ride over the Strip. Your guide escorts you past the lines at each restaurant, where you get to taste their top dishes before being whisked off for bird’s-eye views of Sin City’s glittering lights.

Your night of glitz and glam begins when you meet your guide on Las Vegas Boulevard and are immediately shown past the waiting crowds to your VIP table at the first restaurant. After this stop, you get to experience 4 more restaurants. Taste 3 to 4 signature dishes prepared by the award-winning chefs at each stop. Each restaurant is run by a famous chef who is known for their innovative gastronomic creations.

After having your fill of fancy fare, a custom coach arrives to take you to your waiting chopper. You get to feel like a celebrity as you ride down the Strip in luxury and style. At the heliport, climb into your cutting-edge ECO-Star helicopter, and take off for a first-class flight over Las Vegas.

Your pilot flies you high above the shimmering lights and classic casinos. Hover over the towering Bellagio and massive Caesars Palace and their illuminated fountains. Pass the sparkling replica of the Eiffel Tower on your way to circle Stratosphere Tower’s glowing red spire. Once you see it all, head back to earth and relax as your coach takes you back to your hotel.

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