WOW Splash Performance at Rio Las Vegas

WOW Splash Performance at Rio Las Vegas
2020년 January 9일 zoytripadmin

Get ready for a display that brings the fantastical world of the sea to life, using vivid lights and dazzling performances to make one of the grandest spectacles on stage. WOW uses a combination of brilliant visual effects and outstanding acrobatic talent to deliver a whole array of wonders.

Hosted in the Rio Showroom and developed by the famed director Hanoch Rosenn, this extravagant circus-style show features the talents of more than 30 performing artists in an immersive 180-degree setting. Follow the action as they dance, flip, and fly through a world of multimedia projections, water walls, and holograms, all animated by a magnificent musical score.

With a cast featuring finalists from America’s Got Talent and some of the most dazzling choreography you can see on stage, the show defies the limits of your imagination to keep you transfixed from beginning to end. Be ready to be wowed by an incredible, intimate water show like nothing else in the city.

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