Race Car Driving Experience on a Private Track

Race Car Driving Experience on a Private Track
2020년 January 9일 zoytripadmin

This is your chance to live the life of a pro racer, with a private racetrack and a vehicle purpose-built for performance and speed. Whether you’re an old hand on the track or you’ve never taken the wheel in a racecar before, this experience lets you feel the horsepower as you drive like a champion.

When you arrive at the location, set right by the famous Las Vegas Motor Speedway, meet the staff of veteran racers and pick up the fundamentals of handling the racecar before you head out on the track. Start with a quick discovery lap, where you ride through as a passenger to get a sense of the 1.2-mile (2-km) track, before it’s time to take the wheel yourself.

A powerful EXR LV02 racecar lets you charge around the course, which combines 7 turns with an 1,800-foot (550-m) straightaway where you can speed up to 130 miles per hour (210 km/h). Go roaring around the turns, get a feel for the controls, and push the vehicle to the limits of what the laws of physics let you get away with. Get to know how a true racer feels as you make some high-powered memories on the track.

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