Spa in Las Vegas offers sunshine, yoga and so much more

Spa in Las Vegas offers sunshine, yoga and so much more
2020년 January 2일 zoytripadmin

Heading to the spa? It should be a refreshing experience. You shouldn’t feel like you’re trapped in a dark cave. We get that it’s one way to escape and relax, but you want to feel rejuvenated too. Plus, dim lighting and dark corners sound more like elements of a scary movie than a spa day. So we need light. Lots of it.

This is just one of the reasons we’re so in love with this Las Vegas spa. See why we dream of staying here all day, every day.

The couple’s rooms heighten the experience. The rooms are a real beauty (cue whistle). And we tested it — the beds are so close together, you can reach out and give each other a hand squeeze during your massages. Each couple’s room comes with its own private shower and steam room. If you’re planning a night out in town, this is a fabulous way to start it. We also love how this spa has a co-ed relaxation room; many spas only have gender-specific ones. With this amenity, you get to be with your honey from start to finish.

The hammam is so dreamy. Star light, star bright: If you’re coming with your sweetie, make sure you check this out. Located in the co-ed relaxation area, the hammam is a Turkish-style steam bath you’ll experience right before a treatment. This spa’s hammam comes with lounge-style seating and includes a full-body exfoliation on the heated marble table located in the center of the room. Plus, the starry ceiling sure beats camping in our book.

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