Richard Petty: Drive a NASCAR Race Car

Richard Petty: Drive a NASCAR Race Car
2020년 January 2일 zoytripadmin

Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines! Here’s your chance to get behind the wheel and drive a NASCAR race car or ride along around one of the nation’s premier speedways.

This authentic NASCAR action begins when drivers check in and get geared up in a racing suit. Then head over to the Drivers Meeting with Crew Chief. Drivers get a brief training and instruction prior to driving. Watch an instructional video, learn the basics, and have a Q&A session with the Crew Chief. You’ll learn everything you need to know before you head to pit road and get prepped to drive a NASCAR racecar.

When it’s your time to take the wheel you’ll climb in the window of a NASCAR racecar on pit road. Your hands are on the wheel and your foot is on the gas as you take off onto the speedway. Get one-on-one coaching from your spotter over in car radio communications as you drive a timed racing session. Put the pedal to the metal and drive white knuckled all the way. Pass the slower cars as you catch them- yes, passing is allowed.

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