Dig This: America’s Adult Sized Sandbox

Dig This: America’s Adult Sized Sandbox
2020년 January 2일 zoytripadmin

Get a chance to play in America’s first and largest adult-sized sandbox, a mock construction site with real industrial machinery. You can take the controls of 15-ton (14.5-mT) earth movers and unleash your heavy-equipment fantasies as you tear up 5 acres (2 ha) of prime Vegas real estate.

After a brief safety and equipment orientation, get fitted with a stylish safety vest and head out to the field. Your instructors walk you through every lever and button you’ll need to maneuver your machine, and then you’re ready to get digging. Whatever piece of equipment you choose, your instructor guides you through activities that can have you smiling in no time.

This isn’t just about moving dirt around—although your machine can move plenty of dirt. If you’ve never played a game of excavator basketball, or built your own bulldozer teeter-totter, now you can get an all-new experience that you won’t soon forget. These specially planned activities are designed to help you forget your life for a brief moment and get a new sense of accomplishment and adventure.

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