4-Game Laser Tag Battle

4-Game Laser Tag Battle
2020년 January 2일 zoytripadmin

Enter the battlefield of the future for a high tech game of skill that combines hide and seek, tag, and capture the flag, updating them for the 21st century. With 4 full games to pit your skills against your laser-armed opponents, this experience lets you relive the classic 1980s vision of ultimate combat.

Your experience begins in the Briefing Room, where a marshal introduces you to your loadout, the rules, and the aim of the game. From there, you step into the Vesting Room, where you pick up your ultra light laser and vest, gear up, and prepare to walk into the vast two story arena, where 5,800 square feet (538 sq m) of flashing lights, artificial fog, and pulse-pounding music await you.

Featuring up to 37 players at a time, laser tag introduces you to a whirlwind of action as you storm the enemy base, take down targets, or tag your opponents in a lively free for all. Fit for players of any age, size, or ability, the games offer up challenges to remember. In between the rounds, relax and trade war stories by the snack bar, or try a different kind of thrill in the arcade while you’re waiting to return to the arena.

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