Today’s Audacious Vegas Spa Amenity: The Robe Sauna

Today’s Audacious Vegas Spa Amenity: The Robe Sauna
2020년 January 11일 zoytripadmin

Qua Baths & Spa at Caesars Palace is all about extreme pampering, and that includes an array of treatments and indulgences you won’t find at your run-of-the-mill spa.

One of this blog’s favorite “only-in-Vegas” features at Qua Baths & Spa is the robe sauna. Yes, it’s a sauna devoted to robes.

The robe sauna ensures guest robes are kept toasty as they go about their visits to the spa’s three pools (varying in size and temperature, of course), herbal steam room, hydrotherapy tubs and Cedar wood sauna.

The robe sauna is kept at the same temperature as the spa sauna, specifically, 180 degrees. Seriously, those other spas with room temperature robes, well, they’re doing it wrong.

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